Trump Slams Fox News For Running Ads From Lincoln Project ‘Perverts’ That ‘Create An Impression’ He’s ‘At Odds’ With Glenn Youngkin

[Image: 45th President Donald J. Trump -- C-SPAN YouTube video screenshot. Fox News logo-- Fox News YouTube video screenshot. Lincoln Project logo-- video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

45th President Donald J. Trump issued a statement on Monday via email from his “Save America” PAC, slamming Fox News, an alleged conservative cable channel, for accepting to run ads from Lincoln Project, who he called “perverts”.

Trump’s statement comes the day before voters go to the polls in Virginia’s gubernatorial contest between Republican Glenn Youngkin and Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America:

The Fake News media, together with some of the perverts doing ads ad nauseam on primarily Fox (Fox shouldn’t take those ads!), are trying to create an impression that Glenn Youngkin and I are at odds and don’t like each other.

Importantly, this is not true, we get along very well together and strongly believe in many of the same policies. Especially when it comes to the important subject of education. The reason the Fake News and perverts are working over time is to try and convince people that we do not like each other, and therefore, my great and unprecedented Make America Great Again base will not show up to vote.

Also, I am not a believer in the integrity of Virginia’s elections, lots of bad things went on, and are going on. The way you beat it is to flood the system and get out and vote.

Remember this, Glenn Youngkin is a good man, a hardworking man, a successful man. He loves Virginia and wants to cut your taxes, save your children’s education, and many other very good things.

Terry McAuliffe is a low-life politician who lies, cheats, and steals. He was a terrible high-tax governor and would be, if elected, an even worse governor again.

I say to all of our millions of followers, don’t listen to the Fake News and misleading advertisements written largely by already-acknowledged perverts.

Get out and vote for a man who will be a great governor, Glenn Youngkin!

Screenshot of 45th President Donald Trump’s email statement:


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