‘Well, It’s Finally Happened’: Trump Says After NY Panel Votes To Remove Thomas Jefferson Statue At City Hall

[Image: Thomas Jefferson statue at City Hall in NY -- NBC News YouTube video screenshot. 45th President Donald J. Trump -- AP YouTube video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

45th President Donald J. Trump issued a statement via email from his “Save America” PAC on Tuesday regarding a city panel in New York who has voted to remove a Thomas Jefferson statue at City Hall.

The 7-foot statue has been at City Hall since 1834. For the last 20 years there’s been an effort to get it removed, an effort led by Assemblymen Charles Barron and his wife, Councilwoman Inez Barron, CBS New York reported.

CBS New York reported:

“When we remove this statue, we’re making a step in the right direction for erasing honoring of those who murdered and raped us,” Charles Barron said.

“We’re not being revisionist. We’re not waging a war on history. We’re saying that we want to make sure that the total story is told,” Inez Barron added.

The Public Design Commission listened to arguments for three hours before deciding to remove the statue from the Council chambers. But where to put it, well, that is still up for debate. Continued Below

In a statement on Tuesday, 45th President Donald Trump wrote, “Well, it’s finally happened. The late, great Thomas Jefferson, one of our most important Founding Fathers, and a principal writer of the Constitution of the United States, is being ‘evicted’ from the magnificent New York City Council Chamber.”

“Who would have thought this would ever be possible (I did, and called it long ago!). Next up, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln and, of course, George Washington,” he said.

“The Radical Left has gone crazy, and it’s hurting our Country badly—But someday soon, sane people will be back, and our Country will be respected again!” Trump predicted. Video Below

Kevin Rincon, reporter for CBS New York tweeted on Monday the news over the Thomas Jefferson statue:

Screenshot of President Donald Trump’s email statement:

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