WATCH: Boeing Workers Shout ‘F**k Joe Biden!’ While Protesting Company’s Mandate in Washington State

Boeing Protesters, Screenshot via Telegram

Boeing workers in Washington state protesting the company’s vaccine mandate let America know exactly how they feel about Joe Biden.

“F**k Joe Biden!” shouted workers holding accommodating signs, flags and banners in a video posted to Telegram.

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“Freedom!” other demonstrators yelled as the camera panned across the area where they were protesting.


As reported by Reuters:

Boeing said on Tuesday it will require its 125,000 U.S. employees to be vaccinated by Dec. 8 under an executive order issued by President Joe Biden for federal contractors.

As the pandemic has continued to rage, Biden announced the requirement in September because a large swath of Americans have resisted vaccination even though the shots are free, widely available and declared safe by regulators.

“It’s my choice and it’s my body,” one avionics engineer said, his voice nearly drowned out by anti-Biden chants and trucks honking to show support along the busy street outside Boeing’s factory in Everett, north of Seattle.