Trump Addresses the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Trend: “I Still Like the First Phrase Better Somehow”

TrumpVideo Screenshot

Former President Donald Trump weighed in on the “Let’s Go Brandon” catch-phrase that has trended into a commonly used expression in place of “F**k Joe Biden.”

According to an earlier report by The Freedom Times, “Let’s Go Brandon” soared into a trending national catch-phrase after an NBC reporter went into damage-control mode as “F**k Joe Biden!” chants erupted on live TV as NASCAR driver Brandon Brown was being interviewed.

Spectators could be heard chanting “F**k Joe Biden!” loud and clear in the background. The reporter, however, suggested the fans were yelling “Let’s Go Brandon!” which obviously wasn’t the case.

Speaking at a recent event, Trump commented on the origins of “Let’s Go Brandon” after the crowd chanted the phrase.

“I still haven’t figured out — was that young, attractive female reporter — was she trying to cover up or was she being nice?” Trump questioned. “Did she not understand what was happening? She works for NBC, so it’s about 94% sure that she knew exactly what she was doing.”

He continued, “Anyway, well Brandon has become a big star. Nobody ever heard of this guy. Now he’s one of the biggest stars. Nobody ever heard of him! Brandon’s a star. But I still like the first phrase better somehow.” Video Below