Flag-Toting Patriot Gets Harassed By CHOP Protesters: “It’s Traumatizing! It’s Traumatic!”

[Image source: Twitter video screenshots. The Freedom Times compilation].

At the Seattle Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, now know as CHOP, Capitol Hill Organized (or Occupied) Protest, a video was captured of a man toting an American flag, wearing a MAGA hat, and peacefully minding his own business, when he was approached by protesters who harassed him.

In the video, a female is heard telling the patriot, who was minding his own business and looking at pictures at a memorial site: “Hey, sir. This is a really traumatizing space for a lot of people, and I don’t think it is necessary for you to be here.”

The female went on to the tell the man observing the pictures, “This is not the space for you. … It’s really just traumatizing for people. It’s traumatizing! It’s traumatic!”

Then she told the patriot: “Your hat and your flag are traumatic at this point. You’re looking at dead bodies … and then you’re wearing a hat that says you support the person that killed them. You support the system that killed them. Don’t look at them and don’t stand in this space. It’s not for you.”

The man ignored the lady and continued to look at the pictures while another protester walked up. The protester who approached said, “Please tell me that’s not a Make America Great Again hat. So obviously he came here to stir up sh*t.”

“Anyone got a lighter?” the protester asked, looking around. “I’ll light that b*tch on fire to be honest with you.” Video Below

Watch protesters harass the patriot minding his own business:


Meanwhile over the weekend, other patriots entered CHOP with American flags and were bullied and harassed as well.

Video Below

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