AZ Gov. Ducey Faces Reporters & Sends a Defiant Message to Biden Over New Mandates: ‘Governors Don’t Report to Joe Biden’

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Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey issued a defiant message in response to a new vaccine mandates Joe Biden announced on Thursday that will affect 100 million Americans.

As reported by CBS News, “President Biden announced the most sweeping COVID-19 vaccine requirements yet on Thursday, which will affect roughly 100 million Americans. The new measures include a vaccine mandate for all federal workers and contractors, and a requirement that large companies [with greater than 100 employees] must mandate vaccines or regular testing for employees.”

At one point, Biden appeared to threaten governors who he believes are not enforcing strict COVID-19 protocols.

“If these governors won’t help us beat the pandemic, I’ll use my power as president to get them out of the way,” Biden said.

In response, Gov. Doug Ducey signaled “pushback” is underway from the state of Arizona against the “government overreach” that is being exhibited by the Biden Administration.

The governor went on to declare that governors “don’t report to Joe Biden” or “the federal government.”

Gov. Ducey told reporters:

I have been supportive of the vaccine. I pushed the vaccine. I’ve been publicly vaccinated. That was my choice. What the Biden administration is government overreach pure and simple. And people don’t want them hammering down on them to get this vaccine.

How many businesses are going to lose employees? How many schools are going to get shut down? How many of these companies are going to be fined? This requires a pushback and a response and that’s what the state of Arizona is going to do. There’s more to follow on what that is going to be.

… This is not the powers vested to the federal government. And this is just a further politicization of this virus. It’s unnecessary and it’s unneeded. We need more people to get vaccinated and this is not the way to get it done.

… Governors don’t report to Joe Biden. Governors don’t report to the federal government.

Gov. Ducey Sends A Defiant Message To Joe Biden

Earlier on Thursday, Gov. Ducey posted the following tweet:

Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers was among one of the first lawmakers from the Grand Canyon State to stand behind Gov. Ducey’s resistance to Biden’s controversial new mandates.

We leave you with her response: