Dan Bongino: ‘The Biden Administration Is Preparing to Leave the American People Behind’

BonginoFox Video Screenshot

Dan Bongino is convinced that the Biden administration is “preparing to leave the American people behind” in Afghanistan after troops are completely withdrawn from the Central Asian country on August 31.

The Fox host made the assertion during his Saturday program “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino.”

Bongino stated as follows:

You’ve heard politicians talk. We hear them talk too much – it’s all they do. They’re like Teddy Ruxpin – you stick a little quarter in the back of them, and they tell you a story….They say “that’s not who we are.” They talk about a border wall or some policy they don’t like by conservatives. You hear liberals say all the time “that’s not who we are.”

Well, you know what definitely isn’t who we are? We don’t leave our people behind. Let me say that again: We don’t leave our people behind. Yet the Biden administration seems to have forgotten that. Because that isn’t who we are. That’s who the Biden administration is.

The Biden administration is preparing to leave the American people behind and is callously, by the way, setting it up to blame Americans. Video Below


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