Bongino’s Bold Message To Biden: ‘You Failed – You Are A Total, Epic, Colossal, Apocalyptic Failure’

[Image: Dan Bongino-- Fox News YouTube video screenshot. Joe Biden-- Fox News YouTube video screenshot. The Freedom Times compilation].

Fox News’ Dan Bongino had a strong message for Joe Biden during “Unfiltered” on Saturday evening over the Democrat career politician’s chaotic withdraw from Afghanistan.

“I have a couple messages I need to get out there that are important. Time for BS– it’s over,” Bongino said. “The first message is for Joe Biden, our president in name only.”

“You failed. You are a total, epic, colossal, apocalyptic failure,” Dan Bongino expressed.

“You failed the American people. You failed our country. You failed our military, Army, Marines, Air Force, our Navy. You failed the Afghan people. You failed our allies. You. You. You. You failed everyone,” he said of 78-year-old Joe Biden. “Because you were a coward. You failed.”

“History will remember this as one of the most colossal, epic, political failures in America’s history. And you did this; not our military. You did this. And not only did you fail, when your failures became obvious to everyone as we watched Afghans fall off planes, trying to get out of a country taken over by mid-evil savages, you dismissed them, telling people, ‘Don’t worry. It was just a couple days ago'”, Bongino said.

He proceed to play a video clip of Joe Biden, during an ABC News interview, in which Biden was pressed over people falling off of a C-17 in Afghanistan. Biden dismissed the incident, venting, “That was 4 days ago, 5 days ago!” Continued Below

“4 days ago? 5 days ago? Is there a statute of limitations on people falling off planes, trying to ride planes on the outside to escape your failure?” Bongino wondered. “There’s a 4 day statue of limitation? Did I miss that? [Be]cause that’s the kind of image that lasts forever. There’s no statute of limitations on that”.

“Biden should resign,” the former secret service agent recommended. “Immediately.”

“Biden should have resigned yesterday. Matter of fact, he should have resigned last week,” Bongino said. Video Below

“Listen. That’s a serious message. I don’t take it lightly. If he doesn’t resign, Joe Biden should be impeached. I get what many of you are saying that we’d be handing the country to Kamala Harris. Ladies and gentlemen, it can’t get any worse,” Bongino added.

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