Fauci Hopes to Get ‘Some Good Control in the Spring of 2022’, James Woods Reacts: ‘Oh, Just Say Until The Next Election & Be Done With It’

Fauci, James WoodsCNN Video Screenshot, TMZ Video Screenshot

NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci is now indicating that he hopes to get “some good control” of the coronavirus by the spring of 2022 as long as the “overwhelming majority” of unvaccinnated Americans get vaccinated between now and over the winter months.

“If we can get through this winter and get really the majority — the overwhelming majority of the 90 million people who have not been vaccinated, vaccinated… I hope we can start to get some good control in the spring of 2022,” Dr. Fauci said during a recent interview with Anderson Cooper.


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In reaction, former Hollywood actor James Woods implied that Dr. Fauci is ultimately setting the stage for pandemic fears to carry on through the 2022 election cycle, which would likely yield massive mail-in voting.

“Oh, just say until the next election and be done with it FFS,” Woods tweeted. See Below

James Woods’ Official Tweet