Giuliani Ties The AZ Audit to Why He Was Targeted: “If Something Goes Wrong There, They’re Gonna Have To Deal With My Big Mouth”

Rudy GiulianiNewsmax Video Screenshot

Rudy Giuliani pointed to potential fallout from the Maricopa County audit in Arizona as a reason for why Joe Biden’s Justice Department and FBI ramped up investigative efforts against him, which included his apartment and office to get raided by federal investigators just weeks ago.

Appearing for an interview with Sebastian Gorka on Newsmax, Giuliani said federal officials under Biden are ‘worried’ about the audit that is underway. And they specifically targeted him because ‘they know’ that he ‘started it’ and if ‘something goes wrong’, they’ll have to deal with his ‘big mouth.’

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“They also, I think, are very worried about what’s going on in Arizona,” Giuliani said. “They spent three months, four months blocking. So if there is nothing wrong in Arizona, three months ago they would’ve turned over all of the paper ballots, all of the machines. Why do you fight this battle to hide them?”

“And they know that I started that. They know if something goes wrong there, they’re gonna have to deal with my big mouth. And they’re doing the best they can to try to destroy my credibility,” he declared.

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