Joe Scarborough Says Trump Supporters Are ‘Increasingly Dumb’, Tomi Lahren Fires Back: “Sadly For Them, We Are Not”

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Tomi Lahren fired back at MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough after he suggested Trump supporters are “increasingly dumb.”

Appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Scarborough claimed Biden is “a lot like Reagan, who is having “extraordinary success” as president thus far, while Mike Brzezski said Biden has done a “remarkable job.”

Scarborough went on to say that Trump Republicans are “increasingly illiberal, they’re increasingly authoritarian, and they’re increasingly dumb.”

In response, Tomi Lahren stated as follows during Saturday’s broadcast of Justice With Judge Jeanine:

“It’s one of two things… Either they are really that dumb — that they think that Joe Biden is doing a great job, at which case I am very worried about their mental health and stability. Or they think that the American people are that dumb, and they think that just by virtue of them saying it — by telling us what a great job he’s doing — that we will actually believe he’s doing a great job.

“I mean, look at it! At every instance he is failing! Gas prices going up, we’ve got tax increases on the way. We’ve got children that are still not back at in-person learning. We’ve got a crisis at the border. I mean, this man is failing on every turn, in every possible capacity and way, and these people want us to believe that he’s doing a great job — that he’s Ronald Reagan-esque? Like I said, either they’re stupid or they think we’re stupid. But sadly for them, we are not.” Video Below