Burgess Owens: “We Have A Complicit Media Who Refuses to Talk About This Journey, This Magnet of These Young Girls & Boys”

Burgess OwensRightSide Video Screenshot

Congressman Burgess Owens (R-UT) slammed D.C. leaders and the “complicit media” for refusing to talk about the tragic experience that thousands of migrant children face throughout their journey to the United States.

While speaking at a round table discussion hosted by Rep. Jim Jordan at the border, Rep. Owens cited recent viral videos showing young children being dropped

    over the 14-foot border wall and an abandoned boy who appeared to crying and scared as he traveled alone.

    Rep. Owens stated as follows:

    “We have people in D.C. who could care a less when they see three or five year-old girls dropped from a 14 [foot] high wall, when they see a nine year-old boy abandoned.

    “I heard of a story last night, a young girl — trauma, can not speak anymore because she was gang raped. These are the stories we’re not being told.

    “We have a complicit media who refuses to talk about this journey, this magnet of these young girls and boys. Many of them will not make it. Many will never talk to their parents again. Many of us make a question mark because we have an administration who could not look at these young people as people, but as a strategy.” Video Below


    Rep. Owens went on to suggest that the federal government is “complicit” in allowing as much as $40 million going to “evil people” each month for trafficking migrants.

    In ending, here is a clip of Rep. Owens speaking at a press conference at tbe border on Wednesday: