Report: CBP Had To ‘Redo’ Chart To Fit The March Surge Line — ‘The Most In Nearly Two Decades’

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While the Biden administration still continues to deny that there is a crisis at the border, a newly updated chart by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) gives a more clear perspective of the situation at hand.

On Wednesday, Nick Miroff of The Washington Post tweeted an updated chart from CBP to reflect the surge of over 172,000 migrants apprehended in March — the most in nearly two decades.

Miroff claimed that CBP had to “redo it” to “stretch the y-axis” because the blue line showing the surge couldn’t fit on the initial chart. He then included an article detailing the latest numbers.

As reported by The Washington Post:

“During the busiest month along the Mexico border in nearly two decades, U.S. authorities took more than 172,000 migrants into custody in March, according to enforcement statistics released Thursday that provide a stark measure of the challenges facing the Biden administration.

“The total included 18,890 teens and children who arrived without parents, a record quantity that overwhelmed U.S. shelter capacity and produced crisis-level crowding inside government border tents. The March statistics from U.S. Customs and Border Protection show the fastest-growing group were members of family units: 52,904 were taken into custody in March, up from 19,246 in February.

“The increase last month was so large that it did not fit on the y-axis of the CBP chart that tracks changes in monthly enforcement data. The figures confirm preliminary data reported by The Washington Post and other news organizations last week.”

Here are copies of charts Miroff tweeted taken from CBP’s website and his analysis of them: