Kamala Harris Gets Blasted As Video Shows Her Not Saluting Military When Boarding Air Force Two

Kamala HarrisTwitter Video Screenshot, MSNBC Video Screenshot, TFT Compilation

Kamala Harris was blasted on social media after onlookers noticed her not saluting the military before boarding Air Force Two when leaving Atlanta on Friday en route back to Washington, D.C.

While there are no regulations specifying that the president or vice president must salute military personnel, it’s a tradition of respect that has been commonly practiced by all Presidents since the days of Ronald Reagan and was often seen out of the past two Vice Presidents Mike Pence and Joe Biden.

Peter Velz — Director of Press Operations for the Vice President — initially posted a video of Harris boarding the flight on Friday, which drew a cause for concern.

Harris – who once disparaged former President Trump for allegedly disrespecting troops — clearly did not return a salute to the military personnel in the video, and it was quickly pointed out by her opposition.

After seeing the footage, former Acting DNI Ric Grenell declared that Harris made a “mistake” and called for her to “correct it immediately.”

Here are a few more highly-engaged reactions:

Sen. Harris was also spotted not saluting military personnel when arriving in Jacksonville, FL on Monday.

In ending, here are videos of former Vice President’s Mike Pence and Joe Biden carrying out the tradition of saluting the military: