Giuliani: Trump Will Win The Election If Legal Team Prevails In Just 3 Of The Pending Lawsuits

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Rudy Giuliani now says that the Trump campaign’s legal team needs to prevail in just three court cases for President Trump to win the 2020 election.

According to Mr. Giuliani, there are currently five pending court cases with two more on the verge of being filed, for a total of seven lawsuits to dispute the results of the election. And he suspects that at least one of those cases could soon be heard by to the U.S. Supreme after being struck down 5-2 by Pennsylvania’s lopsided Supreme Court.

“The numbers have gotten to the point where I can say if we win three of the five [lawsuits] — and there will eventually be seven — then the numbers change immediately. [Trump] goes above 270, and Biden goes below 270,” Giuliani told Newsmax in an interview on Wednesday.

“So, if you were to win Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, that would be the end of the election,” Rudy pointed out as an example.

“Michigan has already indicated they’re not gonna certify,” he continued. “Wisconsin has a very strict procedure of their own. We’re quite confident that we’ll be able to knock out about 60,000 ballots there that are illegal, and Wisconsin is only a 10,000 margin.”

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Rudy went on to mention that their recent loss in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is just part of the process to bring that lawsuit to the U.S. Supreme Court, where he expects to have a better shot at presenting the case.

“We lost a case in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that we can take to the [U.S.] Supreme Court now. We think it’s a very, very good case to take, but the Pennsylvania Supreme Court was a 5-2 decision like the Florida Supreme Court was in the Bush v. Gore — of course, it was five Democrats and two Republicans in both cases,” Giuliani said. Video Below


Rudy followed up by expressing his hope that the all judges and justices overseeing the cases presented by the Trump campaign have the intellectual honesty and faith of the U.S. Constitution.

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