Hannity Drops A Warning After Biden Stumbles On AF1 Steps: “Now This Is A National Security Issue”

Hannity, BidenFox Video Screen Shots

Sean Hannity issued a warning to his viewers after Joe Biden repeatedly stumbled on the steps while boarding Air Force One on Friday.

While many of Biden’s opponents seized the opportunity to make humor of the incident, Hannity took a more serious approach as he signaled that the ongoing mishaps  “now a national security threat.”

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“Honestly, I watched this. This is sad. You got to almost feel sorry for Joe Biden,” Hannity said.

“From what we can clearly observe now on pretty much a daily basis — he’s obviously not doing well,” he continued. “He wasn’t doing well on the campaign. And the scary part of it is now this is a national security issue; now because it’s not just Sean Hannity making an observation that Joe Biden is, in fact, weak and frail and he’s struggling cognitively.”

“Guess what? More than half the country agrees with me. The whole world can see what we see every day, including hostil regimes, hostile actors and America’s enemies,” Hannity said before giving examples of superior tones that world leaders are taking towards Biden and his administration. Video Below