Maxine Waters Recommends That President Trump “Pack Up His Tanning Bed & Leave” The White House

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On Friday, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) took to Twitter after two weeks of silence on the social media platform to give an update on how she feels about the Democrat-led impeachment process, as redacted transcripts of closed door hearings are being released to the public.

After slamming Rudy Giuliani, Maxine gave a brief “shout out” to House Intel Chairman Adam Schiff for his leadership during the “impeachment inquiry.”

Waters also recommended that President Trump should follow in the same footsteps of former President Nixon, who resigned before the impeachment process fully played out.

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“GOP scrambling & can’t get their lies straight,” Maxine said in a tweet. “First they say no quid pro quo when Trump w/held [military] aid from Ukraine for dirt on Biden. Then Mulvaney says this happens all the time & ‘get over it.’ Lies getting entangled.”

“Now we know Trump [attorney] Giuliani is the real SecOfState,” she proclaimed. See Below

Tweet From Maxine Waters

Moments later,  Maxine took aim directly at President Trump and advised that he “pack up his tanning bed & leave” the White House. She then claimed the “impeachment train is coming.”

“Shoutout to my colleague Adam Schiff,” Waters said. “He’s doing a masterful job conducting hearings & releasing transcripts, & will bring back witnesses to testify publicly.”

“Trump can’t intimidate Schiff or stop the facts. He should just take a cue from Nixon, pack up his tanning bed & leave,” she added.

“Trump is so desperate. He has stooped so low so as to try and force the patriotic whistleblower to be exposed so that he can bully and threaten them as he always does. Too late. The impeachment train is coming!” Maxine declared. See Below