Rep. Pressley Claims ‘Refusing To Wear Masks’ Is ‘Chemical Warfare’, Rep. Jordan Reacts: “This Makes No Sense”

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“I hope the double standard stops,” Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) said when questioned about the latest controversial remark that his Democrat colleague Rep. Ayanna Pressley said about masks.

“By refusing to wear masks, this is criminal behavior. That’s chemical warfare, so far as I’m concerned,” Rep. Pressley told CNN’s Don Lemon in a recent interview.

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Judge Jeanine played the clip of Rep. Pressley making the comment before asking Congressman Jordan for his reaction.

“You’ve got mayors and governors telling Americans, ‘You can’t go to work, you can’t go to school, you can’t go to church, you can’t go to a loved one’s funeral, you got to cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas.’ But meanwhile, those same people go to a restaurant, go to work, go to church, have their family over for the holidays. So, there’s double standard. And the same thing applies to this issue,” Rep. Jordan said.

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“Remember, the Speaker of the House had a COVID-positive individual come to the opening day of session because Speaker Pelosi was nervous about getting enough votes to beat Kevin McCarthy and actually be Speaker. She was nervous about that,” Jordan pointed out.

“So they can do that, but meanwhile someone who’s already had the vaccine or someone who’s already had COVID and has the antibodies has to wear a mask, and if they don’t they’re somehow — it’s chemical warfare?” he questioned.

“This makes no sense. The American people see it, and they’re sick of the double standards,” Rep. Jordan declared. Video Below