General Flynn Issues A Call To Action To ‘All Republican Leaders’ In Wake Of The Election: “Muster Your Courage!”

[Image source: CNN video screenshot].

Retired United States Army lieutenant general, who served briefly as the 24th National Security Advisor of the Trump administration, Michael Flynn, issued a call to action to “all Republican leaders” in the wake of the November presidential election.

“Calling ALL Republican leaders, MUSTER your courage!” General Flynn tweeted on Thursday. “Time is NOW to speak up & join w/ Patriots across America and back @realDonaldTrump our @POTUS. [Defend Election Integrity] of the most important election in U.S. history. [Stop The Fraud]. God Bless America”.

General Michael Flynn’s tweet:

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General Flynn also tweeted on Thursday:

Meanwhile, patriots responded to General Michael Flynn’s call to action. We leave you with a few of those responses:

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