Biden Says Voters Should Decide Who Gets To Choose Ginsburg’s Successor, James Woods Reacts: “Close Your Lid & Hop Into Your Jammies”

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Former Hollywood actor James Woods had a few choice words for Joe Biden after the Democratic presidential nominee demanded that voters should decide who gets to choose Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s successor on the Supreme Court.

Biden made the suggestion in wake of Democrats pledging to fight the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett and threatening President Trump and the GOP with repercussions if she is confirmed before the 2020 election.

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“Let me be clear: The voters should pick a President, and that President should select a successor to Justice Ginsburg,” Biden tweeted on Saturday.

James Woods turned the tables on the Biden after seeing his tweet.

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“Let me be clearer: the voters have already picked a President. His name is Donald Trump, and he has already selected a successor to Justice Ginsburg,” Woods tweeted in his reply to Biden.

“Now close your lid and hop into your jammies,” he added.

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James Woods Responds To Joe Biden

Woods has been highly critical of Biden’s basement campaign strategy and throws it in his face every chance he gets.

Here’s another tweet where the actor smacks down a similar statement made by Biden regarding Ginsburg’s replacement:

Woods perfectly summed up President’s two-fold strategy behind nominating Judge Barrett just weeks before the election, when he wrote: “The nomination of #JudgeAmyConeyBarrett is yet another double-barreled strategy blockbuster by @realDonaldTrump. She WILL be confirmed, and in the process Democrats will once again display mob lunacy on a level never imagined in American history. It’ll be a stunning win/win.”

In ending, here is a tweet posted by Woods, where he briefly explains why he’s thrilled with the timing of Judge Barrett’s nomination.