Trey Gowdy On Why The Media Is To Blame For Causing Division: “The Media Has Changed More In The Last Twenty Years Than Congress”

Trry GowdyFox Video Screen Shot

Former congressman Trey Gowdy broke down why the media is responsible for causing most of the division that the U.S. has encountered in the recent times.

While majority of the news coverage by mainstream news sources appears to be negative and involves divisive topics, Gowdy said he has faith in the American people’s ability to see through what the media is trying to stir up.

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“…What gives me hope is the American people,” Gowdy said. “We have been through incredible times in the past, whether it was the Civil War, whether it was the 1960’s and the pursuit of civil rights, whether it was 9/11. We have been through some really tough times as a country.”

He continued, “Our society needs a referee, we need an arbiter, we need someone who is neutral. But you go look at Politico and The Hill and The New York Times and The Washington Post and ninety-some percent of their coverage — it’s not an insult to Donald Trump, it’s an insult to the people who support him, and they can’t figure that out.”

“So if you want to know why our country is divided, you can blame Congress…[but] I think the media has changed more in the last twenty years than Congress ever has,” Gowdy concluded. Video Below


In ending, here is a clip of Gowdy from the same interview explaining why he hopes whoever wins the 2020 election does so by a definitive margin: