CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Labels Night One Of The Republican Convention ‘Well-Produced, Very Efficient’

Wolf Blitzer, CNNCNN Video Screen Shot

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer had rare, kind words for the Republican Party on Monday as he labeled the first day of their convention “well-produced, very efficient.”

Blitzer made the statement right before Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) buttoned up the first night with a powerful speech.

“I think it’s fair to say this first night of the Republican National Convention, whether you agree or disagree, so far — there have been a lot of speakers — has been well-produced, very efficient,” Blitzer told his fellow panelists.

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Early in the convention, CNN received reciprocal praise from Trump 2020 senior advisor Brad Parscale, who recognized the network’s fair coverage of the major Republican spectacle:

In ending here’s a tweet from President Trump, who also issued gratitude to the network that he often spars with: