Portland Protesters Move On To Burning Bibles & Flags, Angela Stanton King Lashes Out: “Too Far!”

[Image source: Twitter video screenshots. Angela Stanton King's Twitter profile picture. The Freedom Times compilation].

The Portland Police reported that during the evening of July 31, 2020 hundreds of people came together in a mass gathering, giving speeches, blocking traffic, and also congregating outside the U.S. Federal Courthouse.

Some lit fires, climbed the fence outside the federal courthouse, threw objects and chanted. Protesters also started a bonfire in front of the federal courthouse. People brought plywood and other flammable material to keep it going. Some protesters were also seen in video burning American flags and Bibles, which were engulfed in flames.

Ian Miles Cheong posted video footage of protesters burning Bibles:

Other videos show American flags being engulfed in flames:

The violent chaos has continued in Portland for well over 60 days. Early Friday morning, Portland protesters dumped a pig’s severed head on an American flag, put a cop hat on it, and set it ablaze, Brietbart reported.

Congressional candidate Angela Stanton King (R-GA), Goddaughter to Evangelist Alveda King, lashed out on Twitter Saturday upon seeing protesters burning Bibles and American flags.

“Too far! Why burn Bibles and flags to show disdain for this country then turn around and preach the eulogy from those same bibles and use those same flags to cover the caskets of our American hero’s?” King tweeted.


Others on Twitter also reacted after seeing the video footage of Bibles and the American flag being destroyed:

One user on Twitter noted “free Bibles a group was giving away earlier”:

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