Ari Fleischer On COVID-19 Briefings: “Don’t Give Them A Fight, Rise Above” , Hannity Blasts CNN’s Lack Of Coverage

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Former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer reacted to President Trump’s decision to resume coronavirus press briefings, which was announced on Monday.

Fleischer issued 14 pieces of advice for the President on how to effectively handle briefings moving forward, including that he should not give the press “a fight” that they want and he should “rise above.”

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As posted on his Twitter account, Mr. Fleischer wrote the following:

“My thoughts on POTUS resuming briefings:

1. It’s a mistake. That room is a hot spot. Too many reporters don’t want info- they want a fight.
2. Don’t give them a fight.
3. When reporters taunt, rise above.
4. Talk personally. Show you care.
5. Be specific about what the Fed government is doing.
6. Get out of the room within 30 minutes.
7. Do NOT do these things daily.
8. It would be far better for POTUS to travel the country showing what the government has done rather than spending time in the briefing room. Continued Below

9. When HHS sends drugs to hot spots, go to the warehouse where the drugs are shipped and give a speech.
10. When FEMA/HHS send masks and supplies to hot spots, go to the warehouse where the trucks depart from and give a speech.
11. When the Fed government sends nurses to hot spots, visit the nurses and give a speech.
12. When the Fed government sends doctors to hot spots, visit the doctors and give a speech.
13. Send buses with testing facilities to poor neighborhoods where they need help the most.

“Final point: In other words, instead of being at the WH with reporters, POTUS should go where the action is and show the world what he has done/is doing.”

Meanwhile, left-leaning network CNN failed to air President Trump’s prepared remarks in his first coronavirus task force briefing since April. Video Below

We leave you with a clip of Sean Hannity discussing why CNN refuses to highlight progress in the fight against COVID-19.