New Photo Indicates Biden Had A Prepared ‘List’ of Reporters To Call On As Claimed By Peter Doocy

Doocy, BidenFox Video Screenshots

Joe Biden made it through his ever first formal press conference, but not without the help of a prepared list and notes, according to Fox News host Peter Doocy and images that surfaced after the briefing.

Doocy — who was snubbed by Biden from asking any of his ‘binder’ of questions — made mention of “the list” while appearing on Fox following the press conference.

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“While he was up there, he was pretty much on his own,” Doocy said.

“Usually, at the last few of these… they had an aide off to the side with ‘the list’ of reporters to call on. Today, it was Biden with ‘the list’ and once they got through about and hour and twenty minutes, he was done.”

“I’m not sure if that was the end of the list. If we were on it, he did not make it down that far,” he concluded.


Photos of “the list” that Doocy was referencing began circulating on social media soon after.

Take a look:

Candace Owens weighed in on Biden’s so-called “list” later on Thursday:

In ending, here is President Trump’s initial reaction to Biden’s first formal press conference: