Jesse Watters Highlights ‘Tangible Results’ Of The Anti-Police Movement: “Has It Been A Bust?”

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On Friday, Jesse Watters broke down several negative “tangible results” of the anti-police movement that has swept across America after George Floyd’s death back in May.

Watters questioned whether the movement “has been a bust” since it appears to have done more harm than good, in his opinion, given that there hasn’t been any major accomplishments.

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“What are the tangible results of the movement?” Jesse asked. “Let’s judge the results here specifically.”

“Homicides are up everywhere, hundreds of people have been injured — police officers included — millions of dollars in property damage, people are fleeing cities, they’re buying weapons, COVID-19 has spread, cancel culture got out of control, there have been at least twenty people killed in the riots as a result of this,” he added.

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“So, what were the accomplishments? Because Democrats blocked police reform,” Watters said. “What, a statue was toppled, the Redskins changed their name, someone resigned from the New York Times — really?”

“Is that what the BLM movement gave birth to? Is that really it?” he continued. “Because at this point, you really have to ask yourself, ‘Is this movement objectively — has it been a bust?'”

“I’m talking about action, and the action has been tragic. There has been a move towards anarchy and fear and violence — not towards unity and peace as a result of this,” Jesse declared. Video Below