Don Jr. Trolls America’s Most Prominent Leftists With An Epic Video Meme: “The Must See Film Of The Year”

[Image source: Fox News, CNN, Elizabeth Warren's Youtube Channel, The Obama Foundation Youtube, Crooked Media Youtube, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, The Guardian, and Twitter video screenshots. The Freedom Times compilation].

Twitter user Power Tie created an epic video meme called “2020 The Movie“, which displayed “cast interviews” from Chris Hemsworth, Kathy Bates, Tyler Perry, and more.

Donald Trump Jr. caught wind of the video and trolled America’s most prominent leftists by tweeting the video and declaring, “The must see film of the year”.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted: “Hahahahahahaha! Nailed it. The must see film of the year.”

For the record, Power Tie noted that it is a doctored video, meaning it’s fake. Power Tie stated the actors are “talking about other movies they’ve been in.”

Eric Trump also responded: “This is incredible”.

We leave you with a few other reactions:

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