Rep. Lee Zeldin Points Out Two ‘Odd’ Things Missing In Joe Biden’s Newly Released Platform

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On Tuesday, the unity task force appointed by former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders released it’s 110-page document that contained several recommendations on what the 2020 platform should contain in order to unite the Democratic party and beat President Trump.

According to USA Today, the conjoined effort included “a half-dozen task forces appointed by Biden and his former rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, to unify the party’s moderate and progressive wings in the campaign against Trump.”

As per USA Today’s report, the recommended platform contained the following provisions:

*Combating climate change. Goals include making energy-saving updates to 2 million low-income households within five years and reaching zero greenhouse-gas emissions from new buildings by 2030.

*Reforming the criminal justice system. Priorities include investing in police training to prevent unnecessary deaths, establishing standards such as using deadly force only as a last resort to prevent imminent threat to life and requiring application of the standards in exchange for federal funding.

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*Building a stronger economy. The platform decried lower average wages for women and minorities, and proposed investments in infrastructure, care work and clean energy.

*Improving education. Proposals include expanding Head Start for preschoolers, fully funding special education and ending federal funding to for-profit charter schools.

*Updating immigration policies. In contrasts to Trump administration policies, Democrats would travel and immigration restrictions that largely affect Muslims, expand protections for the children of undocumented immigrants to remain in the country and reduce restrictions on refugees seeking entry.

After skimming through the 110-page document, Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY) was quick to point out the two “odd things” that are missing from the proposed Democratic platform.

“Great news for terrorists worldwide. The @JoeBiden platform just released doesn’t say a word about them. It’s not mentioned ONCE,” Zeldin said.

“Another odd one missing => Russia,” he continued. “After years of Russia, Russia, Russia, it doesn’t even get mentioned once in Biden’s 110 page platform.”