Trump Jr. Drops Warnings On The Prospects Of A Biden Presidency & Why It Should ‘Scare Everyone’

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Former Vice President Joe Biden will not “actually be the guy in charge” if he wins the November election and and if that is the case, it will be an extremely “scary” situation, according to Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. made the bold assessment while weighing in on the dangers of a Biden presidency in wake of extreme platform proposals made by a unity task force that was formed by Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

“Believe someone when they tell you who they are. That is what the far left has become. There is no rationale anymore,” Don Jr. told Sean Hannity on Wednesday.

“It’s clearly gone way beyond racism at this point because — I don’t see [Abraham Lincoln] and [Ulysses S. Grant] as members of the Confederacy, unless I slept through that part of American history growing up,” he added.

“They’ve lost their minds, they’ve lost their way and the radical left entirely controls Joe Biden and the party,” Trump Jr. declared.

“And let’s not kid ourselves…no one believes that Joe Biden is gonna ever actually be the guy in charge if he pulls this thing out,” he concluded. Video Below


Trump Jr. went on to explain why a Biden presidency should scare every American.

“It would be sad if it wasn’t so scary, Sean, that this could be the guy that’s actually in charge. Again, the left will really be in charge, but this guy could be the guy sitting in the presidency. That should be scary to everyone and everyone watching should be scared that this nonsense is going to come to their hometown.”

Take a look:

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Here’s a clip of him discussing Biden flip-flopping on prior policies he once supported:

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In ending, here is a tweet from earlier on Wednesday, where Trump Jr. dropped a warning on the prospects of a Biden presidency: