CNN News Crew Gets Assaulted, Camera Busted By Protestors At Atlanta Wendy’s

CNN, Wendy'sCNN Video Screen Shots

Members of CNN’s news crew were assaulted during a protest that took place at an Atlanta Wendy’s on Saturday night.

The Wendy’s, which was ultimately burned to the ground by demonstators, is the same location where Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed by police after Brooks grabbed an officer’s taser and ran with it while he was being arrested.

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CNN’s crew were filming the Atlanta Wendy’s being destroyed, when all of a sudden angry protestors tried to block them from taking footage.

Moments later, an object that appears to be a skateboard is seen coming directly at the camera, which then got broken.

The correspondent who was at the scene, Natasha Chen, described the altercation once her crew got out of the area and to a safe location. Video Below


Here is some more footage of some of the mayhem that took place during Saturday night’s protests in Atlanta: