CNN Puts Up A Fence To Protect Their Headquarters, Huckabee Reacts: Will Acosta Mock The Walls & Say ‘Walls Don’t Work?’

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Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee issued another one of his classic reactions after learning that CNN built a fence around their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

The move by CNN came just weeks after their building became under seige by a group of rioters who smashed windows and defaced the giant CNN sign outside with spray paint.

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On Friday, Julio Rosas of Townhall posted photos showing the newly placed fence in front of CNN’s headquarters.

“CNN has put up a fence outside its HQ after the building was attacked during the riots in Atlanta a few weeks ago,” Rosas captioned the pictures.

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CNN Puts Up A Fence Around Their Headquarters

After seeing the photos posted by Rosas, Mike Huckabee sarcastically tweeted, “CNN has been reporting about the “peaceful protesters” so why would they need a fence? Are they racist? Tying to keep the “peaceful protesters” out? Or maybe it’s to keep CNN employees IN who are trying to get OUT of Fake News HQ. That would make sense.”

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“Will Jumping Jim Acosta get on camera and mock the walls and say ‘walls don’t work!’ CNN–what a ship of fools whose hypocrisy knows no limits. I’m sure they will issue a retraction to @realDonaldTrump tomorrow,” Huckabee added.

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Huckabee is likely referring to the time Jim Acosta got blasted on social media after mocking a newly constructed portion of President Trump’s wall at the southern border.

While trying to prove a point, Acosta admitted that there was no sign of illegal immigrants trying to cross the border and all buildings of on the U.S. side appeared to be safe, which is the sole purpose of the wall in the first place.

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