SUV Plows Through Group Of Police Officers, Car Rams Sergeant In Two Seperate New York Incidents

New York Police Hit And RunsTwitter Video Screen Shots, TFT Compilation

Domestic terrorists appear to be shifting to using automobiles in their violent acts against police officers — at least, that appears to be the case in New York.

Two viral videos that surfaced overnight show New York police officers getting deliberately attacked by people in vehicles.

In one video posted to social media, a dark-colored SUV is seen plowing into and running over a group of officers who were blocking off an intersection in Buffalo, New York, before speeding away.


Two officers were reportedly run over by the SUV and were taken to the local hospital, where they are listed in stable condition.

In a seperate incident, another video showed a car ramming a police officer, who was then hit by another car before landing on the ground. Both cars sped away.

As reported by Fox News, “NYPD officials confirmed that the victim is an NYPD sergeant who was later taken to a hospital, where he was said to be in serious but stable condition with unspecified injuries.”

The two incidents come as law enforcement across America have been working around the clock to tame down mass rioting and looting, which was ignited last week by the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd.

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