Passerby Exposes MSNBC Camera Crew During Live Report About ‘Nobody’ Wearing Masks: “Including The Cameraman”

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MSNBC correspondent Cal Perry and his crew got exposed by a passersby on Tuesday during a report about mass amounts of Wisconsin citizens not wearing masks in public.

Perry indicated concern that people walking the streets weren’t wearing masks, when suddenly, one man called out the reporter’s cameraman and other crew members not wearing one.

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“Are the people there just not worried about it? Are they not worried about their personal safety?” MSNBC’s anchor Katy Tur asked.

“I haven’t met anybody who is,” Perry replied before mentioning that “nobody” is wearing masks.

“As you can see here, nobody’s wearing [masks],” he said while the camera panned to a bystander in a Green Bay Packers jersey who added, “Including the cameraman. Half your crew’s not wearing them.” Video Below


Footage uploaded to Twitter appears to show what the unidentified man captured on his smartphone:

In ending, here’s a clip of a passerby telling MSNBC’s crew to “Go home”: