Video Resurfaces Of Jon Stewart & Samantha Bee Humiliating Biden Over His Female Maneuvers

Biden, Jon Stewart, Samantha Bee

As the controversy surrounding Joe Biden and his former staffer Tara Reade has made its way front and center, an old video from Comedy Central’s Daily Show featuring left-leaning comedians Jon Stewart and Samantha Bee has resurfaced, where the pair take turns bashing then-Vice President Biden over some of his questionable manuevers with females at a Senate swearing-in ceremony.

During the 2015 ceremony, Biden was seen nudging up close to women of all ages, which Stewart couldn’t help calling out.

After playing a clip of Biden whispering in a young girl’s ear and kissing her, Stewart pretended to put hand sanitizer in his eyes and yelled, “Ahhh! I can still see it! What could you possibly be saying to her?!”

Stewart continued to mock the former Vice President before concluding, “Biden is actually very good on women’s issues in general…it’s moments with actual women he seems to have a problem with.” He then handed it off to the so-called “Senior White House Correspondent” Samantha Bee.

With red and white handprints on the breast area of her shirt, Samantha joked that she just got done with a one-on-one interview with Biden, who “had just finished writing ‘I will not grope women’ on a chalkboard” and was eating strawberry preserves.

As she turned around, two more handprints were seen on Bee’s backside, which she insinuated were also there because of Biden. Video Below

Turning Point’s Benny Johnson tweeted the video.


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In ending, here’s video of CNN’s Jeanne Moos calling out Biden’s odd behavior around women, particularly at the swearing-in ceremony:

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