Hillary Clinton Suggests ‘This Would Be A Terrible Crisis To Waste’, Rep. Scalise Responds: “Sick”

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Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) blasted Hillary Clinton over a comment she made during Tuesday’s “Impact of COVID-19 on Women” town hall with presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden.

Hillary, who made a special appearance with Biden after endorsing him earlier in the day, suggested during the townhall that the COVID-19 crisis “would be a terrible crisis to waste” in terms of advancing Democrats’ push for universal healthcare.

“Every form of healthcare should continue to be available, including reproductive healthcare, for every woman in this country,” Hillary said. “And then it needs to be part of a much larger system that eventually and quickly, I hope, gets us to universal healthcare. So, I can only say ‘Amen’ to everything you’re saying but also to again enlist people…This would be a terrible crisis to waste, as the old saying goes.”

Scalise tweeted the clip of Hillary making the remarks and captioned it,, “And there it is. Hillary Clinton admits Dems are using the Coronavirus crisis to try to advance their radical socialist agenda: ‘This would be a terrible crisis to waste.'”

He added, “With all the destruction this virus has caused, all Dems can think of is how they capitalize on it. Sick.”

The statement by Hillary echos that of one made by House Majority Whip James Clyburn, who towards the beginning of the pandemic said, “This is a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

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In ending, here is video of Biden closing his eyes as if he’s dozing off while Hillary talks: