CBS Reporter Asks ‘Why Are There No Consequences For China?’ Trump Reacts: “I Wouldn’t Tell you”

[Image source: Fox News video screenshots. The Freedom Times compilation].

Monday during the Coronavirus White House briefing, President Trump unloaded on CBS’ correspondent Paula Reid, calling her “fake” and a “disgrace” when she tried to challenge the Commander in Chief’s decision making in the early stages of the coronavirus crisis.

Ahead of the confrontation between the two, the president had laid out a timeline of the Coronavirus Task Force’s response to the pandemic.

“The argument is that you bought yourself some time [with the travel restrictions]. You didn’t use it to prepare hospitals. You didn’t use it to ramp up testing,” Paula Reid claimed. “Right now, nearly 20 million people are unemployed.”

“You’re so disgraceful,” President Trump told the CBS reporter. “It’s so disgraceful the way you say that. Listen, I just went over it.”

When asked what he did during the gap in the month of February, President Trump responded: “What do you do when you have no cases in the whole United States? Excuse me, you reported it. Zero cases, zero deaths on January 17th.”

The president then told Reid the Trump administration did “a lot” in the month of February, telling her: “In fact, we’ll give you a list.” Continued Below

Reid argued that the month of February was not in the timeline that the president laid out, which prompted the Commander in Chief to fire back: “Look, look. You know you’re a fake. You know that. Your whole network the way you cover it is fake. And not all of you, but the people are wise to you. That’s why you have a low approval rating– you’ve ever had before– times probably three.”

In another moment during the briefing, Reid had asked President Trump, “Why are there no consequences for China?”

“How do you know there are no consequences?” the president asked, which prompted Reid to ask: “What are the consequences, Mr. President?” Videos Below

“Why would I tell you?” he asked Reid. “You started off by saying why are there no consequences? How do you know there are consequences? You’re gonna find out. I wouldn’t tell you. You’d probably be the last person on earth I’d tell.”

President Trump gives a timeline on the Coronavirus response:

Video Below

President Trump unloads on CBS’ Paula Reid:

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