James Woods: “A Dishonest, Biased Press, Hijacked By The DNC, Is Not Only Unnecessary, But A Danger To A Free Republic”

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Monday’s coronavirus press briefing was one of the most heated ones yet, as President Trump stood his ground against reporters, where he set the record straight against the negative narrative that the media is trying to spin against his administration.

Former Hollywood actor James Woods was entertained by what he saw take place during the briefing, to say the least, as Trump was fully prepared to play reporters like a fiddle — at one point even rolling a video to shut down their barrage of questions.

“OMG. This press conference is like watching a gladiator mow down the mindless media horde like wheat,” Woods tweeted in his initial reaction to Monday’s press briefing with the hashtag #Trump2020Landslide.

James Woods’ Initial Reaction To Monday’s Briefing

Reporters worked hard trying to control the narrative that was set in place over the weekend regarding the coronavirus, portraying that the Trump Administration didn’t do enough to combat COVID-19 in the early stages of its arrival to the United States. However, Trump virtually shredded their narrative piece by piece by knocking down reporters’ negative spin over his response to the crisis, and he even provided a timeline to back himself up.

Hours after the press conference concluded, Woods was able to gather his thoughts on what he had just witnessed and he shared it with his followers.

“The American press and their Democrat colleagues have chosen to be the enemy within. It may be their undoing, which is a tragedy, because an honest press is necessary,” Woods tweeted. “A dishonest, biased press, hijacked by the DNC, is not only [unnecessary], but a danger to a free Republic.” See Below

James Woods Sums Up The Media In A Nutshell

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Finally, Woods capped it off by issuing a direct response to the President, who tweeted the video that he played for the press during Monday’s briefing.

“Dear Mr. President, the press conference today was an absolute stunner,” Woods said in his reply to President Trump. “Americans would love to watch one of these video compilations of media lemmings following each other off the cliff of mendacity every single day. Let them be hoisted by their own petard. It’s a joy to behold.”

In ending, here is a cartoon Mr. Woods tweeted following Monday’s press conference: