Swalwell Claims Soleimani’s Plot To Attack Two U.S. Embassies Was Not An “Imminent Threat”

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Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell claims that the kill-strike on Qassem Soleimani was not justified because he thinks there isn’t enough evidence to show the Iranian general posed an “imminent threat” to the United States.

Swalwell’s assertion comes despite Secretary of State Mike Pompeo revealing that Soleimani was plotting to attack two U.S. embassies among other threats he posed to America, which is part of what members of Congress were recently briefed on.

Swalwell said that because Pompeo can’t say “precisely when” or “precisely where” Soleimani was planning to attack, “that aligns with the lack of evidence” he has seen during briefings.

“Can all of these things be true?” CNN’s Kate Bolduan asked the Californian representative. “They did not lay out when. They did not lay out where. But, they did lay out that…the threat included two U.S. embassies.”

“I would just say that’s not imminent then,” Swalwell replied. “The justification was that this was an imminent attack.”

He added, “Imminent means now, but that’s what imminent means. But they have not justified that…” Video Below

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Bolduan pointed out that Pompeo defined the word “imminent” for this situation as meaning that “it is going to happen.” She then asked Swalwell if that would match his definition of “imminent”.

“Um no,” Swalwell replied. “Because that’s also the definition of, you know, New Years Eve — New Years Eve 2020 is going to happen. It’s just three hundred and, you know, fifty some odd days away. That’s not imminent.” Video Below


In ending, here is the full video of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s full press conference: