Swalwell Asks Public For ‘Evidence That Can Get Rid Of Trump’ Amid The Trial, Dean Cain Reacts: “Desperate?”

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On Friday, Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell sent an SOS to the public in wake of the Senate impeachment trial.

Swalwell launched out a tweet demanding some kind of damning piece of “evidence” that could be used against President Trump.

The plea from Swalwell came on the same day Democrat impeachment managers were making closing arguments in their case, which they have labeled as “overwhelming” against President Trump.

“If you have an audio recording or other evidence of @realDonaldTrump’s corruption, today would be a good day to share it,” Rep. Swalwell tweeted.

“There’s no need to protect him any longer. This is the last year he will be president,” he declared.

Dean Cain, Mark Dice and others bashed Swalwell’s “desperate” attempt to bring evidence forward against Trump after seeing his tweet.

“Wow. Desperate? Perhaps you should have asked this before you voted to impeach,” Dean Cain replied to Swalwell.

Dean Cain Responds To Eric Swalwell

Mark Dice tweeted: “So, it’s the middle of his impeachment trial, and you’re begging people on Twitter to find some “evidence” that can be used to get rid of Trump? hahahahaha! #Fartwell.”

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In ending, here are some more responses to Swalwell’s request: