FOX Reporter Says Dems Are ‘Unlikely To Budge’ On More Wall Funding In 2020, Trump Fires Back: “Dems Have Finally Given In”

Trump, MckelwayFox Video Screen Shots via Mediaite

President Donald Trump blasted Fox News correspondent Doug Mckelway after seeing his Monday evening “special report,” where he made mention that Democrats are “unlikely to budge” on negotiating funding for more border wall construction since it’s election year.

According to Mediaite, Mckelway is quoted as telling Bret Baier, “Many Republicans would like to see permanent status for Dreamers tied to comprehensive immigration reform, including a border wall, something the Democrats are unlikely to budge on in this election year.”

In response to Mckelway’s statement, Trump tweeted, “Could somebody please explain to reporter Doug Mckelway of @FoxNews that the Border Wall has long been under construction, the battle (war) is won, the Dems have FINALLY given in.”

“In fact, I will be in Arizona tomorrow to celebrate the 212th plus mile of completion,” he added.

The President fired off another tweet directed at Mckelway just moments later.

“Rather hard to believe that @FoxNews didn’t know that the Border Wall is well under construction, fully financed, & already over 200 miles long? Will soon be finished!” Trump declared. “They just reported that ‘it is something that Dems are unlikely to budge on in this election year.'”