Trey Gowdy On Why Nancy Pelosi Withholding Articles Of Impeachment: “This Is About The Senate”

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On Monday, former Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy weighed in on the impeachment process and why he thinks House Speaker Nancy Pelosi still has not transmitted articles of impeachment to the Senate.

Gowdy gave his commentary during an interview with his former colleague Jason Chaffetz on Fox News.

“I’ve always thought this is about the Senate, Gowdy said. “It’s not about keeping the House cause I think they’re going to do that.”

“This is about putting a handful of Republican Senators in tight spots in November,” he continued. “Cory Gardner and Thom Tillis and Susan Gardner and Martha McSally — put them in tight spots. Make them cast difficult votes because even when Trump is re-elected — and I think he will be in the fall of 2020 — if he doesn’t have the Senate, he’s gonna be essentially neutered as a President, in terms of getting his Cabinet.”

“So that’s always what I’ve thought this was about and her actions tend to confirm that,” Gowdy proclaimed.

He went on to say that if and when articles of impeachment get transferred to the Senate, witnesses should not be called during the trial, and Senators should focus on getting it over with instead of dragging the process out any longer. Video Below

“It’s the House Democrats’ job to have built the case,” Gowdy said as he mentioned that Democrats could’ve gone to court to get all witnesses to testify, and could’ve allowed GOP witnesses to testify before approving articles of impeachment. They, however, chose not to.

“The investigation is over,” he declared. “This is the trial presented on the paper, presented on the depositions. Make your opening and closing statements and then vote!”

“If the trial were held today, I think the President would win and I don’t think he’d lose a single Republican Senator and he might pick up one Democrat,” Gowdy said. So, if you have the jury and you know how they’re gonna rule, go ahead and get it over with and the President can say whatever he wants when the trial is over.” Video Below