WATCH: Thousands Of Trump Supporters March In Washington, D.C. For ‘WalkAway’ Event

WalkAway MarchJorge Ventura Media Video Screen Shot

Thousands of Trump supporters attending a ‘WalkAway’ event were caught on camera marching together in the heart of Washington, D.C. on Saturday.

Supporters carrying flags and signs initially met up at D.C.’s Freedom Plaza early afternoon and began marching to the Washington Monument.

Jorge Ventura of the Daily Caller posted footage of the event, which began with tons of supporters chanting “Walk Away!” and “Antifa has to go.”

Take a look:

The founder of the “WalkAway” movement, Brandon Straka, delivered a speech right before attendees began to march, where he said, “I am ashamed that I used to be a liberal!”

Moments later, the crowd of thousands of Trump supporters began to march to the Washington Monument.

We leave you with footage of the massive march: