Steve Scalise On Impeachment: Democrats Have ‘Neglected A Real Agenda For Hardworking Families’

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Congressman Steve Scalise slammed Democrats for neglecting the American people while focusing merely all of their efforts obsessing over impeachment and carrying out their “vendetta” against President Trump.

Scalise’s remarks came during his interview on Fox News Sunday with Mike Emanuel, who was standing in for Chris Wallace.

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In regards to Pelosi holding articles of impeachment from the Senate, Scalise said the House Speaker is basically carrying out her own “quid pro quo by acting as if she has some kind of role in the Senate trial.”

“They had a weak case. I think [Pelosi] knows they had a weak case — there was no evidence and no crime committed. And yet, they still wanted to impeach the President to appease their radical base. That’s what this was about from the beginning,” Scalise said.

“They’ve neglected a real agenda for hardworking families, by the way,” he continued.” And so, what you’re seeing right now is, I think Pelosi is just exposing the fact she has no case and trying to have one more bite at the apple.” Video Below

“They’re already talking about more impeachments next year. How about they focus on lowering drug prices, securing our border, doing an infrastructure package that they could’ve done in a bipartisan way?” Scalise questioned.

“They don’t wannna do any of that because they’ve become the party of impeachment,” he declared. “They have this obsession it seems like with carrying out this political vendetta that they have against the President instead of working with him to get things done.”

At least President Trump is working for families and creating jobs, getting an economy that’s booming and higher wages in people’s paychecks. That’s what we all should be focused on,” Rep. Scalise concluded. Video Below