Geraldo Calls On Schumer To Apologize For His ‘Accusatory B.S.’ Following His Demands For Trump

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On Monday, Geraldo Rivera called on Senator Chuck Schumer and his Democrat colleages to apologize for their two and a half years of “accusatory bullsh**.”

The statement from Geraldo came in a reply to Senator Schumer’s Sunday tweet, where he demanded President Trump to release his emails and let his “men” testify under oath.

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Schumer tweeted: “President Trump: Release the emails. Let your men testify under oath. What are you afraid of?”

In a reply to Schumer’s tweet, Geraldo said, “Maybe [President Trump] would be more flexible if you & other Democrats apologized for dragging America through the utterly bogus #CollisionHoax
2 1/2 years of impassioned accusatory bullshit.”

“When you invoke Constitution now your copy should have the fake #Dossier as preamble,” he declared. Video Below

Geraldo Rivera Responds To Senator Schumer

Schumer’s latest demand comes as he is pushing hard to get Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to agree to terms of an impeachment trial that would be “fair” in the eyes of Democrats.

In ending, here is video of Senator McConnell that aired on Monday, where he discusses how the impeachment trial should be handled.