Pelosi Reiterates She Won’t Appoint Managers Until She Knows Trial Rules, Crenshaw Reacts: “This Whole Thing Is Bizarre”

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With just over a week left of the calendar year, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reiterated her plan to not make any more moves with impeachment until she knows the level of ‘fairness’ with the Senate trial rules.

After the House voted to approve two articles of impeachment against President Trump, Pelosi told reporters, “We can’t name managers until we see what the process is on the Senate side and I would hope that would be soon. So far, we haven’t seen anything that looks fair to us.”

On Monday, Pelosi took to Twitter where she basically echoed the same thing she told reporters last Wednesday.

“The House cannot choose our impeachment managers until we know what sort of trial the Senate will conduct,” Pelosi tweeted.

“President Trump blocked his own witnesses and documents from the House, and from the American people, on phony complaints about the House process. What is his excuse now?” she questioned.

Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) responded to Pelosi upon seeing her tweet. Video Below

“This whole thing is bizarre,” Rep. Crenshaw said in his reply to Pelosi.

“House Dems pushed through the fastest, weakest impeachment in history,” he continued. “Now Pelosi refuses to send it to the Senate, arguing McConnell should strengthen her shoddy case & bring ‘fairness’ to her utterly unfair process.”

“Bizarre & reeks of politics,” Crenshaw concluded. Video Below

Dan Crenshaw Responds To House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

In ending, here is video of Steve Hilton breaking down the entire impeachment process:

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