Mike Huckabee Mocks Democrats’ Impeachment ‘Urgency’ With Four Examples Featuring Pelosi

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Leading up to Wednesday’s impeachment vote, Democrats quickly sped through the process citing “urgency” as if there was an emergency to hold President Trump accountable.

President Trump was considered by Democrats to be a “clear and present danger” and involved in a “crime spree” leading up to the rushed impeachment vote.

But as soon as Democrats solidified the votes needed to pass two articles of impeachment, they suddenly struck a different tone.

Instead of transmitting the articles of impeachment to the Senate, Speaker Pelosi announced she would be holding them until rules in the Senate are “fair” to her liking, and so that Democrats can determine how many managers to appoint.

Pelosi’s move left many Americans scratching their heads wondering if all if the “urgency” talk prior to the vote was nothing but a bunch of hogwash to speed up the process.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee mocked the chain of events involving the “urgency” in Democrats’ “fake impeachment hoax” and he used none other than Pelosi in four different examples to make his point clear. See Below

Mike Huckabee Mocks Democrats’ Impeachment “Urgency” (Two Of Four Tweets)

Mike Huckabee Mocks Democrats’ Impeachment Urgency (Continued)

In ending, here is Huckabee’s reaction to former Press Secretary Ari Fleischer who also mocked Pelosi’s impeachment strategy: