Avenatti Sends An SOS To Dems As Trump’s Address Gives Him A Rude Awakening: ‘We Better Nominate A Battle Tested Fighter’

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Michael Avenatti might be down, but he apparently is not out.

The lawyer who was made famous by representing porn star Stormy Daniels, has suffered a bout of bad luck in recent days, financially and legally. As a result, Avenatti announced that he would not seek to run against Trump in the 2020 Presidential race, which he has long-touted he would win. But is it too early to count him completely out of the picture?

On Tuesday, Avenatti watched President Trump’s National Address all the way through, and appeared to be very impressed by the speech.

The President’s message, tone and stature had so much impact on Avenatti that it forced him to alert fellow Democrats on the tough competition they’re up against in 2020.

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And in this warning message, there were hints that Avenatti could be rethinking candidacy for President.


In a post directed to Democrats on Twitter, Avenatti said, “Anyone who just watched Trump’s address, the most presidential he has ever delivered in his life, and still thinks he will be easy to beat, is living in fantasyland. He is not to be underestimated and too many Dems continue to do it. We better nominate a battle tested fighter.”

Quite the statement coming from a man who constantly berades President Trump! See Below

Michael Avenatti’s Official Tweet

Avenatti brought up a good point, but who could possibly be the “battle tested fighter” that he might be referring to?

With as high of an ego as he portrays, we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s talking about himself. But, whoever it might be, they really do have a difficult battle facing an unpredictable, strong leader that President Trump is.