WATCH: Crowd Goes Wild As President Trump Makes A Suprise Appearance At The Million MAGA March

Trump, Million Maga MarchVideo Screen Shots

President Donald Trump made a surprise appearance at the “Million MAGA March” in Washington, D.C. on Saturday.

The President followed through on his word, after hinting on Friday that he could be making an appearance at the demonstration, where mass amounts of Trump supporters and conservatives are set to march from the Supreme Court to the White House, with a core focus of “Stop the Steal” of the election.

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A video uploaded to social media captured the moment that President Trump’s heavily-armed motorcade drove through a crowd of Trump supporters carrying flags.

In one of the vehicles, the Commander-In-Chief is seen wearing a red hat and smiling at Trump supporters through the window as they screamed out of excitement and chanted “USA!”

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Moments later, the President’s social media guru Dan Scavino relayed what Trump said to him after the motorcade passed through.

Take a look:

In ending, here is some more footage from the Million MAGA March: