Crenshaw Pulls Out The House Rules And Manual & Demonstrates How Unfair The ‘Impeachment Inquiry’ Is

CrenshawDan Crenshaw Twitter Video Screen Shots, TFT Compilation

On Wednesday afternoon, Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) uploaded a video that demonstrates the unfairness of the impeachment inquiry process.

Crenshaw began by mentioning how Chairman Adam Schiff has been saying that non-committee members of Congress can not have access to all hearings and depositions related to the impeachment inquiry.

He then pulled out the House Rules And Manual and turned to a section that states “all committee records (including hearings, data, charts and files) shall be kept seperate and distinct from the congressional office records of the person serving as its chair. Such records shall be the property of the House and each Member, Delegate and the Resident Commissioner shall have access thereto.”

With that paragraph pointed out, Crenshaw said, “Let’s go down and see where they keep these records and see if they give us access, so that we can inform you, the American people, what’s really going on.”

Crenshaw could then be seen walking down into a restricted area on Capitol Hill, where he says many of the classified Congressional documents are kept.

Moments later, he returned with his arms out and saying, “So, they won’t let me see it. Big surprise.” Video Below

“They said non-committee members can’t review any of these transcripts, any of these depositions that have been happening over this last week,” Crenshaw said.

“They say committee members can see it, but the truth is I spoke to some committee members. And they’ve been sending letters requesting to see it as well — to get an appointment to see it as they’ve been told the rules would allow them. And they’ve been told no also,” he proclaimed.

“So, what is they process? Where is the transparency?” Crenshaw asked. “There’s none and that should frustrate all Americans.” Video Below


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