Gorka Responds After WH Suspends Playboy Reporter’s Press Pass: ‘Don’t Be A Punk & You May Get It Back’

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On Friday, Playboy’s White House reporter and political analyst, Brian Karem, announced that his press pass is suspended for 30 days.

The move reportedly came in response to a confrontation Karem had with former Deputy Assistant to the President, Sebastian Gorka, in the Rose Garden.

Karem wrote in a tweet, “Received an email today shortly before 5 p.m. from the WH: as of Monday afternoon my press pass is suspended for 30 days.”

“Yes. I can and will appeal this decision,” he added.

CNN’s Brian Stelter gave a bit of more details, when he reported that the letter Karem received “cited his behavior in the Rose Garden on July 11, when he got into it with Seb Gorka” as reason for the suspension.

Sebastian Gorka reacted with a slew of tweets soon after finding out of Harem’s suspension. See Below

Gorka began by saying, “From this day forth, the punk (Brian Karem) will be called Brian Karma.” He then retweeted Karem and commented, “Don’t be sad Brian.”

Next, Gorka thanked President Trump and Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham “on behalf of Americans who’ve had enough of FakeNews punks like Brian Karem.”

Finally, after posting a meme directed at Karem, Gorka said, “Don’t be a punk and you may get it back. Maybe not. PUNK.” See Below

Sebastian Gorka Responds To Brian Harem’s Suspension